New new from Princess Nokia


If you have yet to hear of Princess Nokia you are in for a treat. She has been my saving grace. The kind of artist that gives you faith that the world is going to be okay and maybe just maybe there’s a reason to keep creating.

In my attempt to try and convey her majesty, I can already say there are no words to depict her style and flavor. However, I will try. Think east coast, Native Taino, meets comic books, meets dope beats, meets Azelia Banks, meets EDM, meets real hip hop, meets feminism, meets, witches, meets anime. Straight up.

Listen to her latest release, Tomboy talking about her small titties and phat belly. By no means stop there. Catch some of my other personal favorites by her. 
Tomboy by Princess Nokia

Young Girls

Another product of Princess Nokia has been her radio show. Tune in for a listen. The radio show called Smart Girl Club on Know Wave radio talks about anything from witches to Nicki Minaj to urban feminism.

Smart Girl Club



I believe in letters stained in tea, mermaids, and the power of a story. I got sober in 2014 and began working in the sex industry in 2016.

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