The Singular Syllable of Love



All the stuffs was worth it

The discussions

The confusion

Made it painful at times

Maybe I had




but the uncertainty was worth



Although the pragmatic part of me wants to rationalize the notion that

love doesn’t conquer all, it sure as fuck didn’t conquer this


Matters of the heart

are anything but pragmatic




Microscope verses telescope

Am I the ant or the tree

Am I the brutish concrete

or am I

the bird in the sky?

This love-is it mine?

no it’s gods

no it’s gods

it’s ours

it’s gods




god is us

it’s you




found me



I want to be the bird, the tree, even if it brings you further from me


To love you truly is to love myself
To love myself is to live in my truth







Let me slow down here

to let you catch up to me

I won’t wait for you

That entails some sort of vanity

I come with angelic purity

My trueNess in nature is simply that god damnit I love you

I will continue to keep my promises because

I honor our love


fulfilled promises
(because shit, I don’t know, it feels right)


And so

when the earth shakes
and the buildings crumble
and I die
and my body turns to ash
and my eyeballs see no more
and my tongue no longer speaks

my heart will provide

as a seed

and my blood

will pose as water

and one singular beat will

spring from beneath

the rubble

and it will say


Love is one syllable
it is the oneness
it is the continuum
and it makes no demands


I received the gift of loving


Sometimes I lose the magic.

My humanly body makes demands

I think

I thought


into a rut

of he loves me he loves me nots 

and I forget

what my love

feels like

I replace her with my ego

I thought

I could will my self

into what I want

There I go again…

Rioting against love



You see this poem is

an ode to you

but not

for you

it is for me 

it is for love

for the empowerment I feel

being in love

with you

for the truth

for a love that feeds itself

for my reCoNNection to Spirit



the glittering whispers from angels

remind me of the promise I made

This is my graceful bow out

my fair well to you King

my recognition of departure

my gratitude for the us


my buh bye

good bye

buh bye

buh bye

buh bye
buh bye now


I believe in letters stained in tea, mermaids, and the power of a story. I got sober in 2014 and began working in the sex industry in 2016.

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