6:41 AM September 29th 1990

A sun rose its head

through a hospital window

Catching the glimmer of a fathers eye

Todd cast his gaze on his first born daughter

The bond was immediate

Not once did he hesitate

Nor withhold his devotion

This was purpose

This was his initiation into fatherhood


As soon as she could talk

she mimicked his walk.

Stomping on

soda cans

crushing them beneath her feet


running over them

with tires of a jeep.


Laying underneath

oily stained cars.

Or laying in the backyard

looking up at the stars.

From bikes to automobiles

he taught her how to navigate life.

And even stuck around

when she got lice.


Hasn’t been easy

watching his daughter turn into a teen.

Things get confusing

when a girl turns 13.

How does one reconcile

watching their daughter

drift away from his grasp?


Sometimes they wished

they could go back

to crushing cans with their jeep.

Instead crushed hearts

will make grown men weep.

He patiently watched her

separate from their bond

and it almost felt like she was gone.

She had to learn

to make her own mistakes.

Oh how long this process takes.

She would touch the stove


again and again.

Although she never forgot his lessons

and was resilient like him.


In her 20’s

she realized how much she needed her kin.

She desperately needed her dad

whenever she got sad.

Of all the lessons he taught

the biggest one she never forgot

was that no matter what

he always loved her

and that she was sure.

Nothing would ever come between them.

His wild haired girl.



I believe in letters stained in tea, mermaids, and the power of a story. I got sober in 2014 and began working in the sex industry in 2016.

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